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Our Lovely Duck Recipes!

Duck Recipe Listing, really easy to make recipes:

Prepare Breast of duck with crush peppercorn recipe

Recipe for Chinatown duck rice with sticky plums

Recipe for Confit of duck

Crisp duck salad with red fruit recipe

Crispy duck and watercress salad recepe

Crispy sichuan duck recipe

Duck and orange salad recipe

Prepare Duck and shitake mushroom noodles wi recipe

Making Duck breasts with rosemary sauce recipe

Prepare Duck confit with bacon butter beans recipe

Duck marinated in red wine recepe

How to make Duck verdi style

Making Duck with ginger lettuce and peas recipe

Duckling with honey and grape sauce recipe

Recipe for Heaven and earth duck

Making Honey duck and butternut squash stic recipe

Magret of duck with pomegranates reciepe

Making Pot roast duck madeira recipe

Prepare Potatoes cooked in duck fat and pars recipe

Making Potatoes roasted in duck fat with fr recipe

Making Roast duck with five spices and soy recipe

Roast duck with sweet red wine recipe

Prepare Spicy duck watercress and peach sala recipe

Preparing Sri lankan duck recipe

Prepare Steamed and roasted duck with honey recipe

Making Venetian roast duck recipe

Warm duck salad recipe

Wild duck with blackberries recipe

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