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Herbs and spices info Tips and Information

Herbs and spices info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

herbs and spices info

Herbs and spices have always been important to man especially to the country dweller from earliest times to the present day. They have a multiplicity of uses; as subtle flavourings in cooking as basic ingredients of many medicines and cosmetics and in some parts of the world they are even used as currency.
Cooks have always made use of herbs and spices in the culinary arts from the simplest home cooking to the finest professional cuisines. We ourselves have always kept a little comer of the garden to grow herbs; here the air is permanently scented by a dozen or so herbs which we use in our cooking to add a note of sweetness delicacy bitterness or pungency to achieve the desired effect. The blending of herbs and spices warms the spirit and delights our sense of taste and smell. Always use them sparingly; their flavour should never dominate a dish but should blend subtly and sometimes add a touch of the exotic.
In the list that follows we have not attempted to suggest all the possible ways of using herbs and spices; we have simply tried to guide you in your choice. Some aromatics may be used in many different dishes it is up to you to discover new blends of flavours. It is always best to use fresh herbs in season. Dry your own fresh herbs to use when they are out of season. Uy them in a sunny place until they have dried then pack in airtight containers or hermetically sealed jars. Store in a cool shady place.
In our larder we also keep fresh basil covered with olive oil. Fresh tarragon steeped in vinegar is excellent for Bearnaise sauce.

Use just it Is with raw tomato in cold or lukewarm sauces like sauce vierge with fish soups and fresh pasta.

bay leaves:
Use in sautees stews terrines or pates. Bayleaves form part of a bouquet garni

Put into soups. The flowers are cooked in fritters for gamishes or added to certain salads together with the young leaves

Put sprigs of chervil in salads omelettes and soups. A delicate and decorative herb used to garnish clear and cream soups.

Use in omelettes green sauces salads and fromage blanc or cottage cheese.

Use to marinate raw fish with grilled
fish or in a mixed salad.

Use in soup or fish stock on grilled meat and with pickled onions and gherkins.

Use in a puree to flavour the gravy from a roast tomato sauces courgettes ratatouille; rub it on croftions of toasted bread; put in salad dressings.

Use asa relish with potaufeu; mix with cream to go with roast beef or smoked trout.

lemon thyme:
Use in carrots Vichy and with grilled or coast rabbit and lamb

Use in sautees and soups

Use in stuffings salads and soups.

Use to flavour peas new potatoes lamb park sauce
paloise hesh or iced fruits and sorbets

Use as a garnish in stuffings
with mussels and snails in omelettes and with grilled fish. Parslle is the main ingredient of a bouquet garni.

For grilled lamb stews marinades soups and

Use with game in stuffings with fish pork and goose in marinades and stuffed tomatoes.

Use in soup fish dishes green sauce and omelettes.

Use for decorative garnishes or in omelettes. Beamaise sauce salads crudites and eggs in aspic. It is used to flavour vinegar and this keeps it very well.

Useful for some soups roast chicken; it forms part of a bouquet garni.


quater epices:
A mixture of ground white pepper cloves ginger and nutmeg this is an ingredient in the sauce for chicken bouchees and certain stuffings.

caraway seeds:
Served with strong cheeses in sauerkraut in bread and some cakes.

Also called Amomum very rarely used in French cooking. An exotic and expensive spice it is used like pepper in curries rice dishes and many Asian dishes.

cayenne pepper:
Much stronger than pepper. It is used like pepper in sauces smoked fish and in the manufacture of cooked cheeses.

Used to flavour many sweet
dishes stewed apples chocolate sauce mulled wines and punches.

An onion studded with cloves is used in making bread sauce potaufeu blanquette de veau etc. Cloves add a good flavour to stewed apples

Indispensable for dishes cookedi la grecque Same stock certain biscuits and cakes.

Used like caraway with pork dishes and strong cheeses.

curry powder:
A blend of spices which varies from region to region it rnerally consists o ground red pepper turmeric cumin coriander black pepper cloves nutmeg and ginger. Used in the preparation of all different types of curry.

Widely used in Asia but not very much in Europe where preserved ginger is used in some cakes and sweet dishes.

Used in sauces Mace is also used for cakes soups and pate

Used in white sauce duchesse potatoes spinach black or white puddings and cheese souffle.

Used in goulash beef Stroganoff chickenfromage blanc rice and veal. Paprika heightens the colour of grilled or barbecued shellfish.

Finds its way into practically every dish. Fresh (soft
green) peppercorns are excellent in certain sauces.

poppy seeds:
Sometimes used for decorating bread sprinkled over the crust.

Used in mussel soup bouillabaisse mousseline sauce rice and some fish sauces.

star anise:
Used in pastrymaking plum jam herbal teas bread and with chestnuts.

Flavours and colours court bouillon rice white meats and exotic dishes.

Used in ice creams stewed fruit rice puddings petits fours sweet souffles etc.


We truly hope you will like these Herbs and spices info tips, and make a great use of Herbs and spices info.
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