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Indian rice info Tips and Information

Indian rice info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

indian rice info

There are innumerable varieties of rice in India and ambemohar is one of the more important ones because it is one of the better tasting. However it is not readily available outside India. But there are many that are and they include: jeerasul surti kolam vambhog sonachandi siddha and sella. In a Hindu marriage when stepping over the threshold of the new home the bride must overtum a measure of rice with her toe with some force. The resulting spray of rice is a symbol of the good fortune that she has brought with her. Rice is a part of every sacrament and special occasion as it is a sign of purity and fruitfulness.

appearance and taste
Ambemohar rice has roundish grains that are creamy white and smooth. It has a pleasant flavour although not comparable to that of the more expensive basmati.

buying and storing
In India some houses have a special rice and wheat storeroom. Here big jute sack of cereals would be stored and an earthy fragrance would linger in the home. Today small bags are available and can easily be accommodated on the kitchen shelf. Ask for old rice the older the oetter and store in an absolutely dry airtight container.

other uses
Rice plays a major role in all Hindu rituals and sacraments. It is strewn as a pearly carpet before the images of gods or showered on them as an offering.

culinary uses
Eaten in the same way as basmati ambemohar end other varieties are also used for making batters fritters and puddings. Most people eat their local rice and swear by it claiming that after basmati theirs is the best! However most of these local varieties need careful cooking as they can turn out sticky. Do not overcook.


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