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Jam info Tips and Information

Jam info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

jam info

All food is liable in time to deteriorate and decay however the rate at which this occurs depends upon the type of food and the conditions under which it is kept.
The aim in preservation is to preserve foodstuffs at their most nutritious stage so that they may be used when fresh food is not available. It is important that the fruit and vegetables used should be firm and in frcsh condition. An aluminium pan preferably ground based should be used for cooking. The use of iron copper or brass pans during preparations should be avoided also metal sieves because an unpleasant
metallic taste may be imparted to the preserves. Do not use a pan larger than 10in diameter and under no circumstances use a pan with a rimmed or recessed base. The pan should be used on the largest plate.

General hints:
1 The preserving pan should not be more than one third full when all the ingredients are added to enable a full rolling boil to take place.
2 Granulated sugar can be used for preserving to produce good results however preserving sugar produces clear Jam.
3 It is important to dissolve the sugar fully before boiling the jam as crystallization may result However overboiling will affect the flavour and darken the colour of the jam. Remember: slow cooking before and rapid cooking after the addition of sugar.
4 How to test jam for setting point: If you are using a sugar thermometer boil jam to 104íC marmalade 106íC. If a thermometer is not available place a small sample of jam or marmalade onto a cold dish and leave to cool slightly. When cooled run a finger through the mixture if it wrinkles because of a formed skin setting point is reached. Ensure that the preserve is placed in a clean sterilized jam jar. Place a small wax disc on top of the preserve and cover with a sealed jam pot cover. Store in a cool dry place. When making jam etc. it is important to remember that any spillage on to the ceramic hob must be dealt with immediately otherwise damage may occur. It is recommended that every care be taken to avoid spillage and to read the appropriate cleaning instructions in the instruction book.


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