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Mediterranean meals info Tips and Information

Mediterranean meals info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

mediterranean meals info

The Mediterranean mezze approach to a meal concentrates on variety. I prefer it not only because of its appeal to the palate but also because of its lighter character. It also inevitably slows the meal down which is a good thing in itself.
For instance for a fairly lavish meal with friends I serve two or three small courses some cold and others hot one after the other so that their flavours can be fully experienced. These may be Melitzanosalata (qv) Tyropitakia (qv) and Tabbouleh (qv) or Roast Courgettes with Salsa Verde (qv) and Puy Lentils with Dill Salsa Verde and Roast Peppers (qv). Then we may have a salad and after that have a main course in the form of an Asparagus Risotto (qv) or fish for instance. The mezze obviously can be as varied and elaborate as the situation dictates or it can be simple and frugal.
For our family meals at home in Athens we would always have a large crusty loaf of fresh bread on the table. Additionally there were bowls of olives and plates of greenery such as rocket and little radishes or spring onions and cucumbers. People would help themselves to all these throughout the meal. By stopping and introducing a new flavour people slow down which is healthy in itself but also the total quantity consumed diminishes. So not only the meal itself was healthy but so was the way it was eaten.

When planning a meal try to add variety. Try to make the combinations well balanced and interesting. Invite some friends and try cooking some of the dishes in this book serving them in the Mediterranean fashion with a good local wine. Then just sit back and observe the results. At least liveliness if not intoxication will be hovering in the air.


We truly hope you will like these Mediterranean meals info tips, and make a great use of Mediterranean meals info.
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