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Oils european info Tips and Information

Oils european info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

oils european info

refined sunflower oil
is inexpensive wholesome (high in polyunsaturates) light in texture and bland in flavour which can be useful when you want to dilute more pungent flavours.

extra virgin sunflower seed oil
is a comparative newcomer green and grassily

sesame seed oil
tastes powerfully nutty in both plain and toasted versions and is usually mixed with bland oil in oriental dressings flavoured with ginger and soy.

roasted pumpkin seed oil
has a pungently toasted flavour use it with discretion on autumnal salads of grated root vegetables.

walnut and hazelnut oil
are especially good on autumnal salads garnished with the appropriate nuts. Walnut oil is essential to the classic French tangle of bitter frisee leaves dressed with crisply fried diced bacon a favourite bistro starter. Dress the leaves lightly with the oil then deglaze the bacon frying pan with red wine vinegar and toss hot into the leaves

extra virgin olive oil
is the norm for vinaigrette and estatebottled oils can be particularly delicious. Buying in small quantities may seem expensive but they have more flavour and you dont run the same risk of deterioration through age and oxidation. You can also buy a range of herb flavoured olive oils.

sesame oil info
A dark brown oil with a strong nutty flavour made from sesame seeds used to add flavour to fried fools and in marinades. Used in small quantities.


We truly hope you will like these Oils european info tips, and make a great use of Oils european info.
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