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Oils indian info Tips and Information

Oils indian info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

oils indian info

Just as every region in India has its own special cuisine so each area uses a particular cooking medium to lend a particular flavour. This largely depends on what grows there. Coastal India is full of coconut palms so obviously coconut oil is the standard oil used in coastal cooking. In West Bengal mustard oil is used in many fish dishes. Groundnut mustard coconut sesame rapeseed kardi seed cotton seed sunflower and corn are the principal oil seeds. Sunflower seed oil is very popular because of its subtle taste ability to be reheated without any effect on its flavour and for its low cholesterol count. Unless another oil is specifically called for it is best to use sunflower or corn oil for indian cookery.

rape seed oil
cotton seed oil
kardi seed oil
are cheaper and not highly recommended.

olive oil is not recommended.

coconut oil
This is extracted from the dried kernel or copra of the coconut. It is particularly used in south and west indian cookery where its rather strong coconut smell complements coconut based vegetable and fish curries. A little is also poured on top of some dishes for added flavour. Coconut oil tends to solidify to a white mass when cold. Gently warming the bottle will bring it back to its pale yellow liquid state. Most indians use coconut oil on their hair to encourage lustrous growth. It is also good for massage.

groundnut oil info
Full of proteins groundnut oil is used in Maharashtra and Guiarat. It is nearly colourless and odourless and therefore goes well with any dish.


We truly hope you will like these Oils indian info tips, and make a great use of Oils indian info.
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