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Bajra flour info Tips and Information

Bajra flour info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

bajra flour info

The Arabian Sea is a source of livelihood for the fisherfolk who live on Indias west coast. From its azure depths they catch giant prawns lobsters and a host of multi coloured fish. They leave in their boats at night and have their supper on board which is usually a meal of thick flat bread made with bajra flour and a hot and sour curry with fish hauled fresh from the sea. Their food is cooked on a tiny coal stove by the light of a lantern.

how it grows
When the bajra crop is rlpe and ready to be harvested the tall slender plants are cut tied in and allowed to dry. The bundles are then threshed to separate the gram. The grains are laid out to dry in the sun. Most of the produce is consumed by the locals but some of it is processed into flour.

appearance and taste
Bajra grains are very pretty small tear drop shaped and a mixture of silver grey and canary yellow in colour The flour is grey too. It has a strong nutty aroma and a very slightly bittersweet aftertaste. The flavour is stronger than that of wheatflour.

buying and storing
As with jowar buy a small bag of ready made flour to try. Store in a dry jar.

culinary uses
Bajra and jowar flours are often combined to make bhakri or other breads. Jowar and baira are also pounded with spices rolled out into thin discs and dried to make poppadoms.


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