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Onions info Tips and Information

Onions info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

onions info

Onion is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. It was popular in ancient Egypt and is depicted on Egyptian tombs dating back to 3200 BC. It was first discussed in ancient indian treatises as early as AD 600 and the mythical doctor to the gods Dhanvantari is supposed to have described the use of onions in great detail. Today they are used extensively in India for their flavour and medicinal value and every kitchen maintains a stock of onions.
how it grows
Onions are believed to have originated in Central Asia but are now cultivated practically all over the world. Different varieties of onions are grown in different countries; indian onions ale white pink or purple and range from small to large. Onion is perhaps the most widely eaten vegetable in India and is grown on farms and in kitchen gardens. It is a biennial herb with a short flattened stem at the base which increases in diameter as it grows. The leaves are long linear and hollow. The onion bulb which grows underground is formed by the thickening of the leaf base. Affer being dug from the earth onions are left to dry until the skin is brittle.
appearance and taste
Onions are rotund with a little pointed end on the top.They have white or pink layers which can be easily separated and a thin brittle skin. They contain an essential oil and organic sulphides which give them peculiar sulphurous smell. This smell is released when the tissues of the onion are cut. The taste of raw onion quite pungent with a hint sweetness. When cooked onions have a wholesome aroma and sweetish taste.
buying and storing
They are available fresh dried powdered or flaked. Onion flakes and powder are made by dehydrating fine slices of the vegetable. Buy firm freshlooking onions that do not have any grey mildew. Store them in a cool dry airy place as any moisture will cause them to rot. They are available all year round.
medicinal uses
Onions have diuretic properties and are often used to relieve catarrh in the bronchial tubes. A teaspoon of onion juice mixed with honey is even given to babies for this purpose. Onions iron content is easily assimilated and therefore they are prescribed for anaemia. They also help reduce blood cholesterol and their consumption is recommended for people with heart complaints.
culinary uses
Onions are used in every kind of indian cookery to flavour thicken colour garnish or accompany dishes. They can be boiled or fried and ground to a paste as a base for currles fried until dark brown as a garnish or simply sliced and served as a salad. They go well with tomatoes ginger garlic meat and potatoes. Onions are high in minerals and vitamins.

These will not make your eyes water if you peel them under running water.

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