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Panch phoron info Tips and Information

Panch phoron info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

panch phoron info

Bengal lies in the north east of India. Art literature food and festivals are all an inseparable part of every Bengalis life. The people are known for their passion for river fish rice and sweets made of clotted or burnt milk flavoured with rose water or saffron and soaked in sugar syrup or cold sweet milk. The most popular blend of spices here is panch phoron Bengals equivalent of the Chinese 5spice powder. This mixture too has 5 different spices which are used whole or ground to flavour lentils pulses or vegetables. The unique aroma of Bengali cuisine is largely due to panch phoron.

Appearance and taste
Panch phoron is a colourful blend of green fennel seedsblack mustard seeds black nigella yellow fenugreek seeds and sagecoloured cumin seeds. It is kept whole or ground to a fine powder. The flavour is bittersweet and the aroma is powerful.

Buying and storing
Though panch phoron is available ready mixed it is possible to blend it at home. It is best to grind small quantities as and when required.

Culinary use
Panch phoron is added to hot oil before adding vegetables lentils or pulses. As it begins to splutter the rest of the ingredients are dropped in. Alternatively it is fried in the ghee which is poured on top of a dish to liven it. As with other blends you can vary the ingredients according to taste.


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