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Pasta Cooking Information Tips and Information

Pasta Cooking Information and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

pasta info

Shaping Pasta
Stuffed Pasta: The dough should be used immediately without drying.
Flat and Ribbon Pasta: Dust the dough lightly with flour and leave to dry for 15 to 20 minutes but do not allow to become brittle. Cut flat pasta into shapes. Roll ribbon pasta into a loose Swiss roll and cut across into strips.

Cooking Pasta
Homemade Pasta: Put the pasta into a large pan containing 2.25 to 2.75 litres fast boiling water and l 1/2 tablespoons salt. Stir well then boil steadily uncovered for 3 to 5 minutes until al dente just tender but firm to the bite. Test frequently to avoid overcooking as pasta continues to soften until you eat it. The moment it is done tip the pasta into a colander drain thoroughly and serve immediately.

Manufactured Pasta: As above but follow the packet directions because cooking times are longer for manufactured pastas and vary considerably for different shapes and brands.
Never break up long pasta such as spaghetti; simply bend it into the pan as it softens.

Allow 75 to 125g pasta per person for a main course 50g for a starter.


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