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Patna rice info Tips and Information

Patna rice info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

patna rice info

The harvesting of crops begins when autumn full moon is ready to rise on the horizon. This event coincides with the festival of Navanna Purnima the moonlit night of new food. On this day freshly harvested rice is offered to the gods and lamps are lit in the moonlight. Rice has always been a symbol of plenty in Hindu tradition. According to custom married women in India are honoured and wished a life of plenty by presenting them with a coconut a handful of rice and a length of fabric on festive occasions. The throwing of rice is associated with all weddings whether Hindu Christian or Islamic.

how it grows
Patna is the name of a town in north India from which this rice which grows in the region takes its name. It is processed in a similar manner to basmati rice.

appearance and taste
Patna rice is also longgrained but is less hard than basmati rice. It is milky white in colour unlike basmati which is translucent. The grains have slightly rounded edges. Pleasant and aromatic Patna rice has an earthy mild taste.

buying and storing
Rice is usually sold in bags packets or boxes. In India most people buy a large bag of daily rice like Patna and a small one of basmati for special dishes. Store Patna rice in a dry airtight container for up to 3 months. As it is relatively cheap it is also ground into a flour for batters and coatings.

culinary uses
It is difficult to imagine an indian meal without rice and in south and coastal India especially it is eaten at every meal. It is flavoured with lemon tamarind vegetables lentils nuts and yoghurt. In India the rice is always fluffy and a good cook produces cooked rice with each grain light and separate. Patna rice is often soaked overnight with some split lentils and ground into a coarse batter. This is fried to make fritters poured over a hot griddle and made into pancakes or steamed to make airy spongy dumplings. The batter is left to ferment and rise which gives even more spring to the finished product.

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