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Pickles info Tips and Information

Pickles info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

pickles info

Eaten in tiny amounts pickles are intrinsic part of any indian meal. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are preserved in spices oil and salt to be eaten when no longer in season. This custom has given rise to a whole panorama of relishes and pickles that add a touch of tang fire or sweetness to a meal. As with all other indian food pickles are regional each recipe reflecting the cuisine of a state.

There are literally thousands of pickles and it would be impossible to list them all. indians use mangoes lemons limes apples amia figs chillies carrots cauliflower aubergines green peppercorns radish and many other fruits and vegetables in pickles. Even within these groups there are countless variations. Meat and fish pickles are popular in some communities Goan prawn pickle coastal lamb pickles and pickled chicken from Punjab for example. indian pickles are usually kept in strong sunlight to mature them. They are made with pickling spices which almost always include mustard (whole powdered or crushed) and vinegar or oil. They last for years and get better with age.

appearance and taste
Most pickles resemble a thick oily curry and are brown yellow or white in colour. Some vinegar based ones are translucent and have a thin consistency. Pickles are designed to stimulate the palate which is why they are always strongly flavoured. They are sharp hot tangy or sweet and smell pungent. Bought pickles are available mild medium or hot which denotes the level of chilli heat.

buying and storing
If youve never tasted indian pickles before go for the safe mango or lemon. Experiment with garlic prawn and peppercorn pickles later. Store in a dry jar at room temperature. Never use a wet spoon in pickles or they will spoil and develop fungus. Dont use the same spoon for two different pickles. Keep away from strong light.

culinary uses
They can be mixed into yoghurt to make an unusual dip for crisps or raw vegetable fingers. If you are adventurous spread some mild pickle on a slice of bread it makes a lively snack.


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