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Poppadoms info Tips and Information

Poppadoms info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

poppadoms info

Poppadoms are round wafer thin discs made of various lentil or cereal flours. The word poppadom is a legacy of the British Raj in India and a time when the British would move to the cool hill stations to escape the heat of the cities. In the evenings they would meet on well kept lawns and white terraces to sip gimlets and nibble on poppadoms. Poppadoms are served roasted or fried as accompaniments to pre dinner drinks or the main course. Eating papads or pappadam as they are called in south India with pickle or sweet chutney as a starter seems to be a trend started by indian restaurants outside India.
In India poppadoms are often made at home though in the cities the trend of buying ready made ones is increasing. They are available plain or flavoured with herbs garlic peppercorns or chillies. The crisp crunchiness provides a change of texture in a meal. Various titbits which are fried can also be classified as papads as they serve the same purpose. Different flours are made into an incredible number of decorative shapes. Sometimes they are pressed into balls which are deep fried before eating.
Safo seeds are coloured green and pink and rolled into rounds strips or triangles. Lotus root from the lotus flowers which grow in ponds all over India is dried for storage and then fried before use. This unusual crunchie is woody crisp and has five hollow chambers that give it the appearance of cut okra. When you bite into this bhain the woodiness seems to crumble leavng a beautiful crispness on the palate.
The making of poppadoms at home is an art and requires skill as well as plenty of sunshine. The variously flavoured doughs are soft when fresh but dry to a brittle hardness. They are laid out to dry on a clean cloth in strong summer sun and then packed in plastic bags for storage.
Poppadoms need careful storage. As they are extremely brittle they are best stored in a flat container and should be eaten within 3 months of purchase.
Poppadoms can be cooked in advance as they taste good warm or cold. However dont make them more than an hour before the meal because they will wilt and go leathery.

how to cook frying
Fried poppadorns are definitely tastier but not for the calorie conscious. Heat oil in a large wok or kadai. When nearly smoking reduce the heat and drop in the poppadom. It will instantly change colour. The whole process takes seconds so have your slotted spoon and absorbent paper lined plate ready. Do not allow the poppadom to tum brown or black. Drain the poppadom well and remove to a plate.

how to cook roasting
The poppadom is held between tongs and roasted over an open flame. Quick and frequent turning is required to prevent burning. As soon as the papad has changed colour curled up and become crisp it is done.

how to cook grilling
Place under a medium grill until bubbles appear on the surface and the colour turns from translucent to opaque. Turn over and repeat the process. Place at least 4cm away from the grill to prevent burning.

It is also possible to cook poppadoms in the microwave oven. It should take about a minute but this may vary slightly depending on your oven.


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