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Poultry and game info Tips and Information

Poultry and game info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

poultry and game info
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In Italy game does not have the aristocratic connotations it has in Britain. In season even the simplest trattoria will have some form of game on the menu especially in Tuscany and Umbria.
The strong and definite flavours of game birds allow us to handle them in an italian way. Instead of the standard bacon fat used in Britain we wrap the birds in pancetta or prosciutto each of which has its own distinct flavour. The game season coincides with the harvesting of maize for polenta of chestnuts and the arrival of the new olive oil ingredients we love most with game. The bird cavities can be stuffed with the livers with cotechino sausage chestnuts thyme sage or mostarda di cremona. If we use bread with game it will not be the classic bread sauce but rather a slice of bruschetta rubbed with garlic and strong olive oil or spread with the birds livers cooked in red wine with sage and thyme.
Unlike game chicken has no season. Rather than make sauces for chicken we prefer to stuff them under the skin allowing the flavour as in marinating to permeate the meat. When cooked some of the stuffing will ooze out and combine to form a natural sauce.


Birds crammed together in cages bred fed and medicated for rapid weight gain make for poor eating and food scares. We are at last turning against intensive farming and demanding a better bird even at a higher price. Here is how to decode the labels.

Farmfresh farmassured etc: an intensively reared bird. Cornfed birds will also have been intensively raised unless better conditions are indicated on the label.

Freerange: birds will have been loose housed with daytime access to outdoor runs for at least half of their life. Some flocks may be too large for all the birds to take advantage of this. Fastgrowing breeds are still used.

Traditional freerange: these birds will come from traditional slowergrowing breeds raised in flocks of no more than 4800 with more outdoor space.

Freerange total freedom: birds are usually kept in smaller houses that give unlimited access to outdoor runs and vegetation.

Organic flocks: limited to 500 birds fed on a diet that is at least 70% organic with firm restrictions on medication.

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