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Puffed rice info Tips and Information

Puffed rice info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

puffed rice info

Puffed rice is the essence of many snacks and roadside fare sold in the cities and villages of India. However in all Hindu weddings it plays a symbolic role. The ultimate witness to the union of the bride and groom is the sacred fire which burns throughout the ceremony. One of the main rituals is the saptapadi or the seven steps taken by the couple together around the holy fire. In westem India the fire is honoured in a ceremony called Lahyahomewhere the couple pours handfuls of puffed rice into the brightly burning fire as a sacred offering; rice in all its forms is considered holy and is revered.

Making puffed rice is a small scale industry. Freshly harvested rice is dried in its husk until completely free of moisture. Then a wok or kadai half full of sand is heated and when really hot the rice grains are dropped in. With the heat they pop out of their husk and puff up. Before they can burst they are lifted out with a perforated spoon that allows the sand and husk to skip through and neatly separates the puffed rice.

appearance and taste
Puffed rice look like long white translucent popcom. It is light papery and very fragile. It has no aroma and a crunchy bland taste.

buying and storing
Once opened a bag of puffed rice must be finished quichly as exposure to air will take the crispness away. Store in an airtight container.

other uses
The husl and sand left behind in the manufacture of puffed rice is used to pack ice for transportation. Factory made block of ice are distributed via bullock cart to remote vilages. To preserve them during their hot journey the huge blocks are coated in the sand mixture and then swathed in jute cloth.

culinary uses
It is mainly used for snacks like bhelpuri a mixture of puffed rlce chutneys and nuts. It is also rolled in melted jaggery and made into light sweet crackling balls or slabs. It can be combined with crushed crisps and roasted peanuts to eat with drink. Try it as a garnish over any dry savoury dish to add contrast in colour and texture.


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