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Red lentils info Tips and Information

Red lentils info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

red lentils info

Perhaps more than anywhere else in the world a meal in India carries the impress of season geography social and religious customs and medical beliefs. The result is an incredible panorama of textures and flavours which reflects a particular regional cuisine. When people from any area travel they carry with them the legacy of their cuisine. Lentils being everyday fare it is easy to distinguish people from the different states of India simply by the way they cook them. A south indian will have his flavoured with fenugreek seeds curry leaves and tamarind while a Maharashtrian will have his embellished with green chillies tomatoes and fresh coriander.

how they grow
Red lentils are the seeds of a bushy plant which grows in cold climates and in nonirngated conditions throughout northern India Madhya Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra. When mature the long pods in which the lentils are contained are plucked dried and threshed. The seeds within have a casing around them and are kept whole or peeled and split.

appearance and taste
When whole they are dark brown to greenish black in colour round and flattish. The fairly thick skin conceals a pinkish orange centre. Split red lentils are the familiar orange ones found in shops. Red lentils are delicate in flavour and have a nutty fresh taste. The whole lentils are mushier chewy and coarser

buying and storing
Whole red lentils and split lentils have quite different qualities so when buying make sure you buy what is asked for in the recipe. Split red lentils are useful as they are fast cocking and make a quick nutritious meal. Both the varieties store well for up to 6 months in a dry airtight container.

other uses
During Diwali every indian home is decorated with lamps flowers and floor paintings. Enterprising artists use a wide variety of materials to make colourtul and intricate patterns on the floor. All sorts of lentils are used as their different colours can result in an interesting palette of hues. Whenever a lentil rangoli or pattern is created red lentils feature prominently because of their vibrancy and ability to offset the other yellow brown or black ones.

culinary uses
The whole lentils take longer to cook and soaking them overnight helps reduce cocking time. Because of their musky flavour they are cooked mashed and added to minced meat for kababs blended into meat curries or seasoned with powerful flavourings like ginger and
garlic. They are also sprouted and cooked. They are versatile and go with onions coconut tamarind or tomatoes.


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