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Rice flour info Tips and Information

Rice flour info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

rice flour info

Is finely ground white or brown rice and often used as a thickener.


Rice is by far the most popular cereal in India. Though wheat comes a close second it is rice that is consumed daily in some form or another in most parts of the country. Being such a prominent and versatile ingredient it is processed into a multitude of forms which are all equally popular and handy. Rice flour is one of these products.

Rice flour is made from the innumerable cheap varieties of rice that are grown all over India. The rice grains are husked washed soaked thoroughly dried and ground into a flour that has the texture of very fine sand. It is widely available commercially but it can also be made at home in an efficient gender. The flour is raw and has to be cooked before consumption.

appearance and taste
Rice flour is white and powdery but if rubbed between the thumb and forefinger it feels slightly grainy The aroma is subtle and the taste is smooth and gentle.

buying and storing
Store in a dry airtight jar and use within 4 months. There is no need to buy vast quantities you dont need much and the fresher you buy it the better.

other uses
Rice flour is used in many surprising and novel ways especially in south India. On special occasions indian homes are richly decorated garlands of fresh flowers adorn doorways tiny lamps flicker on window sills and intricate motifs of flowers fruits and birds are painted in stark white on red mudwashed floors. Thepaint used is a mixture of rice flour and water which sets when dry and is easily remobable with water At the other end of the spectrum is its use as make up. Women use rice flour paste to draw fine patterns on the forehead as a fashionable and yet traditional alternative to the more commonly seen red dot. The classical dance of the southern state of Kerala is performed wearing masks made of a paste of rice flour and water dried to a resilient hardness.

culinary uses
Rice flour can be used as a thickening agent or to make a dough or batter When cooked the texture it imparts to the dish depends on the method of cooking. It can be soft and slightly grainy if used to thicken dishes elastic in doughs and crisp in batters. When it is used to thicken it is cooked exactly like corn flour The flour is mixed into a little cold milk stock or water depending on the recipe and added to the dish when it is very hot and still cooking. A good stir ensures that the rice flour cooks evenly.


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