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Ricotta info Tips and Information

Ricotta info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

ricotta info
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A soft white cheese made from whey. Must be eaten absolutely fresh. Used in savoury stuffings and sweet fillings. Lowfat curd cheese makes a good substitute.


Ricotta is a fresh white cheese made from whey and it should be soft creamy and sweettasting. Because of its fresh character it should be used quickly as it is extremely perishable and acquires a sour taste and a yellow colour when old. It is extremely useful in stuffings in sweets or served with fruit.


Ricotta is a fresh cheese mace from the recooked whey of milk separated for cheesemaking (usually Pecorino or mozzarella).
It is actually a byproduct of cheese not really a cheese in itself. It can be made from buflfalos cows or sheeps milk; a goats milk ricotta is made at Parma. The curds are shaped in traditional baskets. All varieties only last for two to four days.

Piedmontese ricotta is made from cows milk and is very creamy. It is usually eaten with sugar. Ricotta Romana is made with sheeps milk. Ricotta salata is Sicilian salted and dried in the sun. Ricotta di bufala the most rare and delicate of all comes from Naples and we have it flown in especially. We serve it with honey. It is equally good with extra virgin olive oil and a rocket salad.

Cows milk ricotta made in England is widely available.

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