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Risotto info Tips and Information

Risotto info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

risotto info
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If I asked most people if they made risotto at home I reckon most would say `no` and would think it was just poncy restaurant food. Well I suppose they`re right in the way that most good restaurants include risotto on their menus somewhere these days. But risottos are really meant to be cooked at home you can prepare them easily and can make them warming and wholesome or delicate and light. They are cheap and can be eaten alt year round. I think a few restaurants bastardize the whole method and principle of risotto. The perfect risotto should slowly ooze across the plate not be made into a tower or a mould the fact that it isn`t moving tells you that it`s too dry. Yuck!
Okay so you`ve got this pack of risotto with this fat plump rice and it`s just crying out for things to complement it. You can use almost anything to flavour it: fragrant root vegetables herbs fish meat mushrooms offal shellfish cheese wine . . . anything really. Just remember that the rice itself is nutty and moreish so the flavour added can be quite delicate. You need to strike a good balance between the rice and the flavour. The rice should be cooked until just soft but should still retain a good bite. The sauce surrounding and binding the risotto will be a mixture of subtle stock thickened slightly with the starch gently oozing out of the rice (I know I keep saying `ooze` but it is actually quite an oozing sort of thing risotto).
Anyway what I am going to do now is give you a really solid decent risotto base method and then give you five of my favourite variations. I reckon once you`ve tried one you`ll be surprised yourself how easy it is. And if you don`t feel too confident remember this isn`t restaurant food it`s peasant food!

cooking risotto info
For good and consistent results buy Arborio or Carnaroli risotto rice.
Don`t wash the rice as you want it to retain all the starch.
Try to acquire a sturdy thick bottomed pan preferably as high as it is wide. The thick bottom allows for a nice equal heat and the high sides will help to prevent the moisture from evapourating too quickly.
Get yourself some good stock obviously homemade is best but if you don`t have time you can buy readymade stock.
Always try to use fresh Parmesan (preferably Parmigiano Reggiano) from a chunk rather than readygrated. It tastes completely different and it`s always better if you grate it just before you use it. It should be used almost as an extra seasoning that rounds off alt the flavours. It`s used in most risottos apart from seafood ones.

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