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Salads and vinaigrettes info Tips and Information

Salads and vinaigrettes info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

salads and vinaigrettes info

Vinaigrette is basically a cold sauce made from a mixture of oil and vinegar and it is considered typically French. Everybody has their own favourite recipe. At home I like either hazelnut oil with a few drops of lemon juice salt and pepper or basil oil with a little wine vinegar. My wife likes balsamic vinegar with italian olive oil salt and pepper. This goes particularly well with sliced tomatoes covered in oregano and served with feta cheese crumbled on top. Another of my favourite vinaigrettes which I eat with roquette or baby spinach is an emulsified vinaigrette with plenty of full strong mustard either Colmans English mustard or Dijon preferably the former. Salads also become more than a few leaves when you add either crumbled Roquefort or Parmesan cheese. I also add walnuts lightly roasted in a pan and lighdy coated in sugar syrup. Any fresh herbs such as tarragon will enhance a vinaigrette.
Truffle oil is another fairly new and wildly aromatic ingredient. If you turn well cooked French beans in a bowl coated with truffle oil the taste is unforgettable. There are now all sorts of exotic vinegars apart from the nouvelle cuisine favourite of raspberry such as pear champagne and prune.
One of my best salads is a typically Parisian bistro one which we have served at both Simply Nico and Nico Central frisee salad with a mustard dressing cro˛tons slivers of crispy bacon and a poached egg on top.
When I make my hot foie gras salad I coat a bowl with hazelnut oil and salt take each individual clump of lambs lettuce wipe it across and remove the end bit. I put a bed of this on a plate a piece of toasted brioche on top a quickly fried piece of foie gras on top of that and I then dribble a lime madeira sauce all around. A slice of caramelized orange finishes the dish.


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