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Sambhar powder info Tips and Information

Sambhar powder info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

sambhar powder info

In Tamil Nadu most people are vegetarian and the cuisine exudes simplicity cleanliness of flavour and freshness. Traditional meals are served on fresh green banana leaves and the fragrance of new butter and succulent vegetables permeates every house. The special spice blend of this region of India is sambhar powder. This masala or mix is so called because it is used to flavour a dal of the same name which is popular in this region. Sambhar is a preparation of lentils and vegetables that is spiked with different spices and laced with coriander. Sambhar is eaten every day in Tamil Nadu as the lentils provide protein in a meat free diet.

Appearance and taste
Sambhar powder is fine and rust coloured. It has a strong earthy dry smell of roasted spices and lentils. The taste is warm and acid.

Buying and storing
Ready made sambhar powder is available but it is never quite the same as homemade. However if you get an authentic south indian brand it may well he good. Make a good quantity it will store for up to a year in a dry airtight jar.

Culinary uses
It goes into sambhar or south indian dal or into vegetable dishes. It is best added before the lentils or vegetables so that it then has a chance to cook and develop its flavour. As the powder is a blend of spices and lentils it acts as both a flavouring and a thickening agent.

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