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Semolina info Tips and Information

Semolina info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

semolina info

Even the most progressive indian respects the power and influence of the stars and planets. The Navagraha or nine planets are worshipped with an opening invocation to the sun. Each of these stars and planets are linked with specific colours gems and grains. The sun is associated with the colour red rubies and wheat. Semolina is therefore linked with religious ceremonies in India. It is cooked with other pure ingredients like milk sugar ghee and bananas to make ritual food called prasad. At large religious gatherings a little spoonful of this is wrapped in squares of banana leaves and given to every devotee present.

Semolina is made by processing wheat into tiny grains. The wheat is cleaned the wheatgerm is separated and the remainder is coarsely milled into semolina.

appearance and taste
Semolina resembles sand. Different varieties of semolina have different sizes of grain. Semolina has no aroma but a lovely smooth flavour that is slightly textured on the palate. Because of its bland taste it is suited equally to sweet and savoury dishes.

buying and storing
Semolina is widely available. In hot weather it is best to dry roast or refrigerate semolina to increase its shelf life. If kept properly it should last for about 4 months.

culinary uses
One of the best south indian snacks is upma made of semolina and spices. It is a kind of savoury cake sprinkled with fresh coconut and fragrant coriander. Or semolina can be made into a sweet with sugar raisins and ghee (halwa). Fish or vegetable patties are rolled in semolina before frying to give a crisp coating. Semolina cooked in milk is given to babies as a weaning food. It is also made into a batter and fried on a griddle to accompany curries. Several crlsp sweets are made of semolina blended with flour sugar and spices and then fried or baked.


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