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Chinese techniques info Tips and Information

Chinese techniques info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

chinese techniques info

The preparation of food for cooking is probably more important and more time consuming in Chinese cookery than in any other cuisine. Although many dishes are cooked rapidly this pre supposes that every ingredient has been properly prepared beforehand and has been chopped into smallish well shaped pieces to ensure even and quick cooking. This means that food can be cooked for a minimum of time so that it retains its natural texture and taste. The other reason for careful cutting is to enhance the visual appeal of a dish. This is why most Chinese cooks are so specific about cutting techniques particularly where vegetables are concerned. The Chinese always use a cleaver for these tasks wielding it with skill and dexterity. Of course a sharp knife can be used instead.Chinese cookery is a sophisticated cuisine which involves a number of cooking methods which are relatively uncommon in the West. Sometimes several different techniques are used in the preparation of a single dish. Most can be easily mastered with a little practice. When you are planning a meal be sure to select dishes which use a range of techniques and limit yourself to one stir fried dish per meal until you have become used to this important method of cooking.

Cutting techniques
This is the conventional method of slicing food. Hold the food firmly on the chopping board with one hand and slice the food straight down into very thin slices. Meat is always sliced across the grain to break up the fibres and to make it more tender when it is cooked. If you use a cleaverratherthan aknifeforthis holdthe cleaver with your index finger over the far side of the top of the cleaver and your thumb on the side nearest you to guide the cutting edge firmly. Hold the food with your other hand turning your fingers under for safety. Your knuckles should act as a guide for the blade.

Horizontal or flat slicing
This is a technique for splitting food into two thinner pieces while retaining its overall shape. It is often used for cutting kidneys. The cleaver with its wide blade is particularly suitable for this. Hold the blade of the cleaver or knife parallel to the chopping board. Place your free hand on top of the piece of food to keep it steady. Using a gentle cutting motion slice sideways into the food. Depending on the recipe you may need to repeat this process cutting the two halves into further thin flat pieces.

Diagonal slicing
This technique is used for cutting vegetables such as asparagus carrots or spring onions. The purpose is to expose more of the surface of the vegetable for quicker cooking. Angle the knife or cleaver at a slant and cut.

Roll cutting
This is a technique used to pierce the surface of foods to help them cook faster and more evenly. It also gives them an attractive appearance. Use a cleaver or a sharp knife and make cuts into the food at a slight angle to a depth of about 1/sinch (33mm). Take care not to cut all the way through. Make cuts all over the surface of the food cutting crisscross to give a wide diamondshaped pattern.

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