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Chocolate info Tips and Information

Chocolate info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

chocolate info

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Use bitter bitter sweet or extra bitter chocolate in our recipes: these have the highest percentage of cocoa butter and very little added sugar. Bakers unsweetened (an American type) is the only one with absolutely no sugar added. We use Valrhona chocolate for Nemesis (qv)


There are now some very good plain eating chocolates on the market Lindt Excellence 70% for instance but for chocolate buffs the top choice for cooking is Vakhona "couverture". Its only available in specialist shops and by mail order. Try the following:
The Chocolate Society (01423 322230 for mail order) sells l kg blocks of Valrhona Grand Cru which ranges from 40% to100% cocoa (from 20 per kg). Theres also a 61 % Le Noir Gastronomie in 1 kg (16.50) or 250g (5.75) sizes.
Rococo (0171352 5857 for mail order) does the full Vairhona range as well as its own organic 70% cocoa dark chocolate (from 12.50 per kg).
Atelier du Chocolat (0181311 3337 for mail order) has Valrhona Manjari Guanaja and Caraibe (64% 70% cocoa) for 17 per kg; also does 70% cocoa chocolate by BarryCallibaut at 5 for 500g.
The Chocolate Club (0171482 8515 for mail order) carries 70% Valrlhona Guanaja Noir cooking chocolate (from 20.50 per kg).


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