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Coriander info Free Tips and Information

Coriander info Free and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

coriander info

Most indian cooks will not allow a savoury dish to leave their kitchen without a good sprinkling of fresh fragrant coriander leaves. This pretty herb is the most commonly used garnish in India and adds a dewy green touch to red or brown curries. Seeds of the coriander plant are the spice. Coriander is perhaps one of the first spices known to man and has been
around for over 3000 years. It finds mention in ancient Sanskrit texts and in the Bible
where the colour of manna is likened to that of coriander seeds.

How it grows
Coriander is both an annual and perennial herb which grows up to 20cm and has many branches. The plant bears whitish pink lacy flowers which mature into seeds. These seeds are picked when ripe dried threshed and sieved taking care to keep them whole.
conander serds

Appearance and taste
Coriander leaves are compound and fragile. The stem which is pale green and tender is also used in cookery. The seeds which constitute the spice are round 1cm n diameter and have fine longitudinal ridges.The herb and the spice are completely different from one another with regard to aroma and flavour. The leaves taste and smell fresh and fruity with a hint of ginger.
The seeds on the other hand have a sweet heady aroma with a subtle whiff of pine and pepper.

Buying and storing
Little bunches of fresh coriander tied with string are commonly available at greengrocers. It looks quite like parsley but the test lies in the aroma parsley has a gentle scent corianders is vibrant. Coriander seeds as well as ground coriander are also available. Make your own coriander seed powder in a mortar or food processor after dryroasting it is fresh unadulterated and considerably more fragrant than readymade. Coriander oil is sometimes sold.

Medicinal and other uses
Coriander seeds are said to be diuretic antibilious and carminative. An infusion of the seeds is cooling and helps reduce fever It also helps lower blood cholesterol and makes an excellent eyewash. Coriander juice is rich in vitamins A B and C and in iron. Caution: asthma sufferers should use coriander sparingly. Coriander oil is available in perfumery as its spicy note blends beautifuly with rich oriental scents. It is also used to flavour medicines as it retains its pleasant aroma longer than any other oil of its kind.

Culinary uses
Suited to almost every savoury indian dish coriander the spice and the herb is used daily in curries chutnevs soups and drinks. Roasted coriander powder is an indispensable item in the spice box and cool yoghurt based salads and drinks like raita and lassi are dusted with it for a delicious zing. An apple green chutney made by grinding coriander leaves. coconut ginger garlic and spices is a popular sandwich spread or meal accompaniment. The volatile oil is used to flavour liqueurs and chocolate.

Coriandrum sativam
Coriander is indigenous to the Mediterranean area. It had been used by Hippocrates medicinally in ancient Greece and seeds of it were found in the Franhthi cave in Argolis which dates them at about 7000 BC. Both its fresh leaves and its small round browncoloured seeds with their warm aroma are used in cooking particularly in the middle East and North Africa. The seeds are used whole or ground in both savoury and sweet dishes as well as for pickling.

A seed spice used in most curries. It is best used as a whole spice and toasted in a dry pan microwave or oven before grinding. Do not buy ground spices in large quantity as the flavour fades. Fresh coriander is available in many fruit and vegetable shops. It can be kept successfully in a refrigerator for a week. Stand in a jar or jug of water cover the top and sides with a plastic bag.

indian Coriander leaves (Chinese parsley) are used for their unusual taste and to give a green colour to sauces.

Moroccon Coriander seed is often used in to make dry marinades for meats. Fresh coriander is used in almost all cooking but particularly in salads and salad dressings. Some people are immediately addicted to the sweet yet tart flavour. For others it is an acquired taste.

Thai One of Thailands most popular seasonings. The round ochre coloured seed is roasted and ground as a spice. The whole plant cream coloured roots green stems and leaves is chopped or ground as a flavouring in curries. The flat indented leaves resembling italian parsley with their distinct flavour and fragrance are used as a garnish.

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