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Dried peas info Tips and Information

Dried peas info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

dried peas info

Peas are eaten in some form or another in most countries of the world. They are amongst the earths most versatile vegetables. Cherished for their colour flavour and adaptability they lend themselves equally to the salty mildness of Western food or to the fiery zing of indian cookery. They make good starters snacks soups main courses or salads so it is hardly surprising that they are dried for use when no longer available fresh. The pea plant is believed to have originated in western Asia and was later cultivated by the Hebrews Greeks Romans and Persians. In those days of no refrigeration the only way to store them was to dry them.

how they grow
Peas grow in pods on small bushes. There are different varieties and the ones that are dried are green black and white. The pods are plucked when mature and laid out to dry in the sun. The thick shells dry until they resemble parchment and become brittle enough to split open. The peas are then extracted.

appearance and taste
All varieties of pea black white and green are small round and smooth. Reconstituted peas (soaked and boiled) have an earthy smell and taste quite different from fresh ones.

buying and storing
Avoid buying dried peas that are wrinkled or discoloured. Good ones should be even in colour and hard. If they are soft to the touch they are probably old.

culinary uses
Dried peas must be soaked for for 12 hours before use. Dont soak too much at a time because they will absorb water and swell. They go especially well with garlic and coconut. Boil the soaked peas separately in salted water until completely tender. Drain and add to curries soups or salads. They can also be pureed and sened with the main course. Dried pea puree enriched with milk and cream makes a delicious soup.

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