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Edible silver foil info Tips and Information

Edible silver foil info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

edible silver foil info

For thousands of years gold and silver have been part of daily life in India. Children are given tiny silver cups spoons and plates as gifts married couples buy whole dining sets of crafted silver and even the poorest of the poor save to buy thin silver anklets. In fact silver is even used in food. Added as a garnish over sweets edible foil can be seen shimmering in the glass cases of any sweetmeat shop. It is so popular that India converts 13 tonnes of pure silver into edible silver foil each year.

Although it is hard to imagine biting into silver edible silver leaf is quite different. Small balls of gold or silver are placed between sheets of tissue paper laid net in a leather pouch. This is beaten repeatedly but carefully with a heavy metal hammer flanening the balls into paper thin sheets.

appearance and taste
Silver foil is as thin as the best chiffon and lustrous. It is extremely fragile and often breaks up during use. It has no aroma or taste.

buying and storing
It is sold between sheets of tissue paper usually in boxes. Each sheet contains so little silver that it is not prohibitively expensive. Gold foil is also available. Both have a shelf life of many years.

other uses
It is used as an amalgam in arresting tooth decay.

culinary uses
Edible silver foil is used only as a garnish. It embellishes sweets rich biryanis meat curries and kababs. Carefully lift off a sheet of silver foil along with its lower sheet of tissue paper. Then turn it over on top of the prepared dish so that the foil sticks to the food. Bits will remain on the paper which can be pressed on the food similarly. It is nearly impossible to stick on a uniform coating of silver foil.


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