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Stir frying info Tips and Information

Stir frying info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

stir frystir frying info

This is the most famous of all Chinese cooking techniques and it is possibly the most tricky since success with it depends upon having all the required ingredients prepared measured out and immediately at hand and on having a good source of fierce heat. Its advantage is that properlyexecuted stirfried foods can be cooked in minutes in very little oil so they retain their natural flavours and textures. It is very important that stirfried foods are not overcooked or greasy. Once you have mastered this technique you will find that it becomes almost second nature. Using a wok is definitely an advantage when Stir frying as its shape not only conducts the heat well but its high sides enable you to toss and stir ingredients rapidly keeping them constantly moving while cooking Having prepared all the ingredients for Stir frying the steps are:

Heat the wok or fryingpan until it is very hot before adding the oil. This prevents food sticking and will ensure an even heat. Add the oil and using a metal spatula or longhandled spoon distribute t evenly over the surface. It should be very hot indeed almost smoking before you add the next ingredient unless you are going on to flavour the oil (see next point).

If you are flavouring the oil with garlic spring onions ginger drled red chilli or salt do not wait for the oil to get so hot that it is altnost smoking If you do these ingredients will burn and become bltter. Toss them quickly in the oil for a few seconds. In some hecipeS these flavourings will then be removed and discarded before cooking proceeds
Now add the ingredients as described in the recipe and proceed to Stir fry by tossing them over the surface of the wok or pan with the metal spatula or longhandled spoon. If you are Stir frying meat let each side rest for just a few seconds before continuing to stir. Keep moving the food from the centre of the wok to the sides. Stir frying is a noisy business and is usually accompanied by quite a lot of splattering because of the high temperature at which the food must be cooked.
Some stirfried dishes are thickened with a mixture of cornflour and cold water. To avoid getting a lumpy sauce be sure to remove the wok or pan from the heat before you add the cornflour mixture which must be thoroughly blended before it is added. The sauce can then be returned to the heat and thickened.


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