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Sultanas and raisins info Tips and Information

Sultanas and raisins info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

sultanas and raisins info

Moist and plump sultanas and raisins seem to hold the very essence of sweetness. indian grapes come in an array of shapes and colours from apple green sunset orange through honey brown to rich purple black and are sun dried to prolong their shelflife. It has been said that the Maharajas of India would insist on having a variety of grapes at every meal their delicate beauty adding colour and style to the grandest table decor. Black raisins are especially valued in India their medicinal qualities have been appreciated for centuries and they are still a common home remedy for many ailments

how it grows
Grapes which are dried to form sultanas and raisins grow in the roof orchards of Karnataka and Maharashtra. The fruits hang in bunches from vines which have pretty star shaped leaves. They are picked when mature when their sugar content is highest and laid out to dry in the hazy winter sunshine. They are then sorted graded and racked for distribution.

appearance and taste
Sultanas are light in colour being green or brown raisins darker being brown or black. They range in size from 0.5cm to 2cm. Suttanas and raisins have a happy combination of sweetness perfume and moist flavour. Distinctly grape like in taste raisins are slightly richer and fruitier than sultanas.

buying and storing
Raisins and sultanas ar always sold whole but poor quality fruits are often mixed with the better ones so feel for those that are luscious evencoloured and relatively stalk free. Store them for about 3 months at room temperature.

medicinal and other uses
Black raisins are considered one of natures best laxatives and even the water in which they are boiled is said to be effective. They are mild enough to be fed to babies. A widely available indian tonic drakshasava which is the essence of raisins is prescribed for weakness and lethargy. The high sugar content and astringency of grapes is thought to keep the skin clear and smooth so raisins and sultanas are sometimes made into a paste with water and applied as a rejuvenating face pack.

culinary uses
Sultanas and raisins are added to rich meat curries and biryanis yoghurt based salads called raitas chutneys fruit salads and a score of traditional sweets like kheer. They can also be tasted in sweet pickles sweet or savoury stuffings fried snacks like Bombay mix and in dishes made of paneer or cottage cheese. If lightly fried they become rich and glossy but if added to cooking liquid they absorb it and become plump and chewy.

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