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Tandoori masala info Tips and Information

Tandoori masala info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

tandoori masala info

Aptly called the granary of India Punjab is an emeraldgreen vision of rippling wheat and cornfields which are fed by 5 of Indias most important rivers. Punjab is famous for its energetic dance and music and robust food. Its biggest contribution to the food repertoire of India is tandoori cooking. Huge earthen or clay ovens halfburied in the ground are made redhot with a coal fire lit at the bottom. Marinated meat chicken fish or cheese is threaded onto skewers and cooked in this tandoor until done. Bread or flat rotis are stuck onto its sides until they puff up and come away easily. The food gets flavoured by a mixture of spices and charcoal. Tandoori masala is a versatile blend as it can give a tandoori like flavour to dishes cooked in a wok!

Appearance and taste
Commercial tandoori masala is bright red due to added colouring. This makes the food to which it is added a deep orange. Tandoori masala has a distinctive aroma very fragrant and spicy The taste is hot salty and sour with a predominant flavour of cumin and coriander

Buying and storing
Commercial tandoori masala is very good and gives authentic results so just buy a good brand. Stored in an airtight container it will keep for about 6 months.

Culinary uses
Tandoori masala can be used in marinades or added to hot oil before the main ingredient or along with it. Dry roast a little over a low heat and mix into mayonnaise for an unusual dip with crisps or chips. Meats are marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and tandoori masala before being baked. Mixed peppers and potatoes go well with it and you can try making tomatoand cream based curries with a touch of tandoori masala.


We truly hope you will like these Tandoori masala info tips, and make a great use of Tandoori masala info.
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