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Val info Tips and Information

Val info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

val info

The state of Guiarat has made an important contribution to indian cookery the thali. Thali actually means a plate of metal and in culinary terms it has come to mean an extensive meal served on such a plate. The thali consists of accompaniments dry vegetables with the more liquid preparations in small metal bowls. The right side of the thali is reserved for the sweet which is served along with the main meal. In the centre space is left for rotis poories and rice. On the whole Guiaratis are vegetarians and as such they have perfected the cooking of vegetables lentils and pulses. One pulse included in a thali is val a variety of bean.

how it grows
Val beans grow on flat pods on small bushes. When the pods mature they are plucked and sundried. They are then threshed either by hand or mechanically and the beans are further dried. Tender val pods are also eaten as a fresh vegetable.

appearance and taste
Dried val beans are creamy white to light tan in colour flat and long. They have a thick white ridge on one side. On cooking val acquires a strong nutty aroma and the taste becomes creamy with a slight but not unpleasant bitterness.

buying and storing
Buy plump firm beans which show no sign of wrinkling or discolouring. Store in a dry airtight jar for 4 months.

culinary uses
Val needs overnight soaking as it is quite hard. It is usually sprouted to enhance its flavour Just soak it in water then drain and hang up in a clean moist cloth overnight to promote sprouting. The beans need to be peeled to remove the thick chewy skm. Then they are ready to be soaked. Val goes well with coconut jaggery and ginger. You can add the sprouted beans to soups and salads.


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