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Vinaigrette info Tips and Information

Vinaigrette info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

vinaigrette info

Known the world over as French dressing vinaigrettes are very easy to make and are more useful than simply for a green salad. They`re probably best made in a food processor or liquidiser because the machine emulsifies the dressing mixing the oil vinegar and flavourings thoroughly so they don`t separate out easily. It is however quite possible to put the ingredients into a jar with a secure top and just shake thoroughly until the dressing is well mixed. It will separate quite quickly but can always be shaken again. Dressings will keep in the fridge
for a week or more if in a sealed jar and indeed there is a view that they improve slightly if kept for a day or two.


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