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Whole spices info Tips and Information

Whole spices info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

whole spices info

Most spices are seeds or pods which grow on trees shrubs or other plant types. Some are leaves and others are the bark or even the sap of the tree itself. Each spice is a carefully cultivated crop requiring a subtropical climate. At the correct stage of ripeness the crop is picked and dried traditionally in the hot sunshine but more recently by factory equipment. The spice must be dried at a precise temperature and for a precise amount of time. Too little drying will cause the spice to rot because of excess internal moisture too much and it will lose its essential oils and impart no flavour when cooked. At this stage all whole spices are still raw. They can be stored almost indefinitely providing they are kept airtight damp free and in the dark. To release their flavours however there is work to be done. Spices must be roasted or fried at the appropriate time in the cooking process as our subsequent recipes show. It is exactly the same with coffee the beans must be roasted first.

roasting whole spices:
In this case the term roasting means the application of heat. It can be done in an oven but this is wasteful just for small quantities of spices. Alternatively use a griu or a stove and dry frying pan. Simply spread the spices out evenly and brown them lightly on a medium to hot heat.
It only takes about 30 seconds depending on the temperature of the heater. If you burn them do discard them they will taste bitter. We use this roasting method in a number of the subequent recipes eg: Pakoras Rasam Parka Dhal etc.

grinding spices:
Some recipes require the spices to be ground. In certain cases it is better to buy factory ground spices but in other cases to obtain a particular flavour it is necessary to do it yourself. Its easy. You can use the traditional mortar and pestle but an electric coffee grinder is much less work.


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