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Wok info Tips and Information

Wok info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

wok info

Preparing a wok
Scrub it with a cream cleanser and water to remove as much of the machine oil as possible. Then dry it and put it on the hob on a low heat. Add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and rub this over the inside of the wok using kitchen paper until the entire surface is lightly coated with oil. Heat the wok slowly for about 1015 minutes and then wipe it thoroughly with more kitchen paper. The paper will become blackened. Repeat this process of coating heating and wiping until the kitchen paper wipes clean. Your wok will darken and become well seasoned with use .

Cleaning a wok
Do not scrub a seasoned wok. Just wash it in plain water without detergent. Dry it thoroughly preferably by putting it over a low heat for a few minutes before putting it away. This should prevent the wok from rusting but if it does scrub the rust offwith cream cleanser and repeat the seasoning process.

Wok accessories
Wok stand
This is a metal ring or frame designed to keep a conventionally shaped wok steady on the hob and is essential if you want to use your wok for steaming deepfrying or braising. Stands come in two designs. One is a solid metal ring punched with about six ventilation holes. The other is like a circular thin wire frame. If you have a gas cooker use only the latter type as the more solid design does not allow for sufficient ventilation and mav lead to a build up of gas which could put out the flame completely.

Wok lid
A wok lid is a dome like cover usually made from aluminium which is used for steaming. It may come with the wok or it may be purchased separately from a Chinese grocer but any large domed pot lid which fits snugly over the top of the wok can be used instead. Alternatively you could use aluminium foil.

We truly hope you will like these Wok info tips, and make a great use of Wok info.
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