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Bread Cooking Information Tips and Information

Bread Cooking Information and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

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jamie oliver
naked chef

It`s amazing how many chefs I know have never made a loaf of bread. For me it was the start of something I could never stop doing. If you go to a friend`s home or to a restaurant for dinner and there is homemade bread it really adds something extra. If it`s done really well that`s just pukka. I first made bread properly in a chateau in France. I learnt loads and had great respect for the boulanger but it also seemed very clinical and exact not for the wrong reasons it just seemed a bit dull.

It wasn`t until I met Gennaro Contaldo from the Neal Street Restaurant in Covent Garden that I was humorously introduced to the world of bread. Big bread flat bread long bread thin bread rolled bread filled bread foadsa blooming bread it was easy and it tasted wonderful. Because I was so keen to learn I used to work long hours at the restaurant. I`d get up at 3 a.m. drive trafficfree into Covent Garden and there for four and a half hours I would make bread with Gennaro at first shadowing him then helping him. Nothing was exact but by following simple rules and using good ingredients (and a tittle bit of soul) his bread was consistently superb.

We would make a huge batch of basic dough split it and derive from it about eight different breads. The nice thing was that as Gennaro taught me he never implied that his ways were carved in stone. He always made sure that recipes were left open for innovation which was very generous of him as most good chefs think that their methods are the only ones. Not Gennaro. His encouragement has kept me thinking ever since.

I consider breadmaking to be an art but it requires a little knack in getting used to touching and kneading the dough. That sounds very cliched but it`s true. The first time I started working Gennaro`s dough it stuck all over me. It was everywhere. Gennaro laughed and suggested that I treat the dough tike a woman delicately and gently but using a degree of strength and vigour. This improved my breadmaking skills a treat as well as my sex life! Superb! This experience stayed with me and is the basis of all my breadmaking. Basically as long as you want to make good bread and you enjoy it you`re halfway there!


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