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Caraway info Tips and Information

Caraway info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

caraway info
siya jeera

Outside India caraway is often confused with the more popular cumin but it is nevertheless quite distinctive. Though used infrequently over most of India it is an essential ingredient in north indian cookery. Its special qualities were known to the ancient Egyptians Greeks and Romans who used it make love potions believing that it prevent lovers from straying. Caraway was especially popular in the Medieval Europe when it was added to breads cakes and roasted apples.

How it grows
The caraway plant is a biennial herb with a fleshy root and slender branched stems that grow up to 0.6m. It has wispy leaves and small white and apple green flowers. The seeds ripen in summer into narrow curved elongated and ridged kernels. Caraway is native to Asia but also grows well in Holland (which is the worlds largest producer) Canada Great Britain Poland Germany Morocco and the USA. In India it grows wild in the northern Himalayas and is cultivated in the hills of Kumaon Garhwal and Chamba. It also seems to thrive in the alpine astringency of the Kashmiri summers.

Appearance and taste
Caraway seeds are brown hard and sharply pointed at the ends. They are about 47mm long and have five longitudinal tan coloured ridges. The seed has a pleasant warm odour and an aromatic pungent and slightly bitter flavour. The sharp taste seems to leave a warm feeling in the mouth.

Buying and storing
Caraway is available whole or ground. It is very easy to grind the seeds at home as a light roasting makes them brittle. Store in a cool dry place or it will form clumps and become fussy.

Medicinal and other uses
Caraway is considered a spring clearer for the body relieving flatulence and colic activating the kidneys freshening the breath and nullifying the nauseating effect of some medicines. A tiny bit can be chewed to relieve a griping stomach but beware of the sharp seeds and stinging flavour. The essential oil is used to scent soaps and mouthwashes. The husks and stalks of the seeds are used as cattle fodder.

Culinary uses
Caraway is used to flavour bread cakes and cheese. Caraway flavoured indian cheese is popular but is available only in certain parts of India. The famous liqueur kummel is laced with the extract of caraway. In indian cooken it is used to complement meat or rlce dishes.

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