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Fish info Tips and Information

Fish info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

fish info
river cafe cook book

When the fish is delivered to the River Cafe it is checked carefully. The flesh must be rigid when prodded with a finger the skin shiny and firm the scales intact the gills a deep red colour and the eyes clear
Then we decide on the cooking method. We prefer to cook the fish whole usually grilled.
If the fish is too large we cut it into fillets and cook it according to season and the type of fish. We might stud sea bass with summer herbs before grilling wrap a red mullet in leaves of red trevise and seal it airtight in silver foil before baking or pan fry and then bake monkfish with pancetta.
Char grilled squid is simple and delicious. The prepared squid is placed on the hottest part of the char grill for one second only and it is then served with a generous piece of lemon and rocket. This was one of the first fish dishes we created and it has been on the menu almost every day since we opened.
We have included two recipes for fish stews. italian fish stews reflect the regional quality of the countrys cooking. Regions are competitive about their stews and are proud of their own version. Venice has its Broeto to which little is added to alter the taste of the fish while the Livornese include many more varieties of local fish and add chill) and garlic.

Fish is an excellent source of protein with a low fat content and it can be served raw smoked hot or cold. Freshness is its most important quality. When buying fish you should look for a fresh and pleasant smell firm flesh and glossy colours.

Small pieces of skinned poached fish are cooked when the flesh becomes very shiny and almost pearlized. To cut large raw fish into steaks never saw at the fish but slice down sharply to make a clean cut.


We truly hope you will like these Fish info tips, and make a great use of Fish info.
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