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Flaked rice info Tips and Information

Flaked rice info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

flaked rice info

Flaked rice sometimes known as pounded rice is most commonly sold as poha or pawa. It is a simple food and is associated with a story of friendship that is told and retold to every indian child. Krishna an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Sudama were great friends at school but after completing their education went their separate ways one to his golden palace the other to a thatched hut. Several years passed and one day Sudama now married with children thought of visiting his friend who had become King of Dwarka. But there was one problem. Sudama was very poor and could not afford a gift for his dearest friend. Nevertheless his wife tied a handful of moist flaked rice in a bag and gave it to Sudama to give to Krishna. When they met Sudama was ashamed and hid the little packet but Krishna soon found it and ate the simple food with relish. When Sudama returned home he was delighted and surprised to find that his hovel had been turned into a magnificent palace. He knew that his friend Krishna was responsible for the miracle. The story has a special message of friendship and love and on anmashtami Krishnas birthday a dish of flaked rice and yoghurt is made to please the god.

There are more than 200 varieties of rice grown in India. The lesser known cheaper ones are used for making products like flakes and flour. To make rice flakes inexpensive rice is husked cleaned and cooked in hot water. It is then flattened by rollers until wafer thin. These flakes are mechanically dried. Depending on the weight of the rollers flakes of varying thickness from translucent to thick and opaque are manufactured.

appearance and taste
Rice flakes are small about 2mm long flat and greyish white in colour. They have uneven jagged ffdges and a rough texture. They are extremely light. Rice flakes have no particular aroma and a bland gentle taste. Depending on the method of cooking they can be soft or crunchy.

buying and storing
As both medium and fine rice flakes are readily available what you are going to make will determine which one you buy. Look for bags that are not too powdery though some crumbling is inevitable. Store in an airtight jar that is free from moisture. Use up your stock within 3 months.

culinary uses
The flakes are very easy to cook and can make a meal in minutes. Fine flaked nce is great for making a snack where cleaned rice flakes are fried quickly and then mixed with fried chillies nuts lentils and seasoned with salt and sugar.


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