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Fresh herbs info Tips and Information

Fresh herbs info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

fresh herbs info
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Fresh herbs are a must you can use them in nearly every dish you make. They are so easy to grow in this country; whether you live in the city or the country whether you`re rich or poor whether you live on the sixteenth floor or in a basement flat it doesn`t matter! Just stick them in your garden windowbox terracotta pot bucket anything that doesn`t move!
You must grow rosemary thyme sage and bay. They grow alt year round outside in rain wind and snow and can be picked all year. You don`t have to do anything to them except water and feed them if they are in pots. They just get bigger. It`s brilliant being able to pick sage for your stuffing on Christmas
Day. Mint oregano and marjoram can also be left in all year but do die down in winter if they are not in a sheltered position. They always come back in
the spring with a vengeance.
Some of the less hardy herbs such as basil and coriander can be grown successfully indoors on the windowsill. A friend of mine has a great big plant of
purple basil in her kitchen; it looks brilliant. We can`t keep buying those small packets of fresh herbs from the supermarket. Quite often we are paying high prices for substandard herbs and not much of them either. And without wanting to go on too much the idea is that fresh herbs are to be picked and used in cooking for a really natural fresh perfume not sweating and wilting in plastic. So let`s sort it out!


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