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Garam masala info Tips and Information

Garam masala info and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

garam masala info

This is a classic blend of aromatic and hot spices garam meaning hot and masala meaning mixture of spices. It is used towards the end of cooking certain dishes such as Rhogan Gosht to add subtle flavour or as a condiment for example on Pakoras. There are as many recipes for garam masala as there are cooks.


Every indian dish whether eaten under the swaying coconut palms of Tamil Nadu or in the fiery deserts of Rajasthan is flavoured with a distinct blend of spices. Some simple vegetarian curries may have just a sprinkling of mustard seeds and turmeric but a rich north indian meat curry simmers for hours in a mixture of up to 15 different spices. Good indian cookery depends wholly on using the right blend of spices. That is why traditional combinations are home ground and kept ready for use. The term for those mixtures is masala. Each region of India has its own special blend depending on availability climate and methods of cooking. In the north where the winters are bitterly cold a blend called garam masala meaning hot spice is preferred to chillies which cool the body by promoting perspiration. Some of the most expensive spices go into the making of garam masala and there are as many recipes for it as there are households in India. Depending on individual taste the proportions of the various ingredients can be adjusted.

Appearance and taste
Garam masala is used whole or ground depending on whats cocking. The basic blend includes cloves cinnamon cardamom peppercorns bay leaf mace cumin and coriander seeds. When ground the powder is slightly coarse and tobaccobrown in colour. Garam masala has a rich warm fragrance and tastes hot and aromatic.

Buying and storing
Commercially produced garam masala is not aromatic enough and does not seem to retain its flavour for very long. The blend is easy to grind at home so it is best to buy whole plump spices and crush them in an electric grinder or coffee mill. This mixture can then be stored for up to 6 months.

Culinary uses
indian cooks use garam masala in small amounts. It can be added at different stages of cooking for different degrees of flavour. It can be dropped into hot oil to give a spicy fried taste added along with the main ingredient to create an aromatic warmth or sprinkled on top of cold salads or yoghurt for a gentle hint of spicy flavour.

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