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Garlic Cooking Information Tips and Information

Garlic Cooking Information and tips will help you in your cooking and food preparation.These are very useful and quite interesting information that you learn once and then apply at any time you need it.

garlic info

Hailed as the bulb of life garlic was known to ancient physicians as an incomparable medicine. Susruta (c. AD 350) one of the earliest indian surgeons wrote a treatise on its therapeutic properties. In India garlic is considered to have special powers and in rural India strings of garlic bulbs are hung up to ward off insects snakes and evil. In Egypt Khnoum Khoufouf the builder of one of the oldest pyramids (4500 BC) also realised its virtues and decided that all his workers should eat a clove of garlic a day to maintain their health and strength. Hippocrates the father of modern medicine (460357 BC) recommended garlic to guard against infectious diseases and intestinal disorders.
how it grows
Garlic is a hardy bulbous perennial herb of the onion family with narrow flat leaves and small white flowers. The bulb consists of 630 individual bulbils called cloves. Garlic is ready for harvesting when the tops turn yellowishbrown about a month after the seed stalks emerge. The bulbs are lifted the earth is shaken off and the leaves are tied at the top. The bulbs are then dried for 3 to 4 days in the shade. The leaves are removed before the product is marketed.
appearance and taste
Bulbs of garlic are onion shaped and are made up of individual half moon shaped cloves encased in a thin white or pinkish papery sheath that is easy to remove. The whole bulb is also surrounded by a glossy white or pink sheath with a pointed top. The aroma of garlic is unmistakable and pungent. It has a flavour that is much stronger than that of onion. The smell has an undernote of sulphur which is either loved or hated as some people find its lingering aroma distasteful. The taste can be quite sharp and biting and can increase the heat of a dish.
buying and storing
Dried bulbs are the most common but the fresh green herb is also available especially in winter. Garlic oil flaked garlic and garlic powder can be bought too. Old garlic can sometimes have a blackishgreen powdery fungus in the folds of its covering and if it dries up it becomes hand and hollow Look for plump firm bulbs that are brightly coloured and unbroken. Store in an airy dry place at room temperature. Ropes of strung garlic can be hung up.
medicinal uses
Garlic has been used to treat asthma deafness leprosy bronchial congestion arteriosclerosis worms and countless other ailments. Modem medicine also attributes great curative powers to garlic. Doctors believe that garlic oil capsules commonly known as garlic pearls can check high cholesterol aid digestion or control blood pressure rheumabsm cancerous growths and whooping cough. Garlic is also considered a wonderful aphrodisiac and has the power to boost the libido. It is good for treating skin conditions like spots. Try rubbing the cut surface of a garlic clove on an eye sty it will sting but the sty will disappear in no time.
culinary uses
Garlic is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world. In India it is used in curries marinades chutneys vegetable dishes barbecued meats pickles and countless other preparations. Each clove of garlic is first peeled then the flesh an be chopped grated or made into paste. Garlic can be eaten raw or cooked; when frying make sure that the oil is not toohot or the garlic will bum and taste acrid. Garlic and ginger complement each other and are often used together.

River cafe
One of the most essential ingredients in italian cooking. It is important to choose the heads carefully.

chopped garlic:
This can be kept in oil for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. It will be more digestible if you remove the sprouting part.


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