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Pepper info recipe and books

So you would like to know how to make Pepper info recipe! It is not hard, follow the steps below and enjoy your own creation. Check our books section as well!

pepper info
kaki mirch

O n the 20th of May 1498 Vasco da Gama stepped on indian soil and cried For Christ and for spices! His arrival marked the end of a long sea voyage in search of primarily pepper. Until he showed the world the way to India the spice used to be carried overland by Arab traders who kept the route a secret. In the 15th century the West valued pepper as much as gold and shiploads of the spice would journey through tropical oceans ensuring a hefty profit for the traders. Demand was huge supply could never be enough. Happily today pepper is freely available around the world and is used in almost every cuisine. It is rightly known as the king of the spices end accounts for the lions share of the spice exports from India. The name pepper is from the Sanskrit pippali for long pepper and it is believed that ancient Aryans used it as a medicine and aphrodisiac. A popular pepper story relates how a Tamil chef once served an Englishman a dish made of lentils and spices. When asked the name of the soup he replied that it was Molagatanni pepperwater in Tamil. Splendid! remarked the Englishman. Lets have this mulligatawny more often shall we ? And a legend was born.

How it grows
Pepper is the fruit of a perennial vine with large leaves and white flowers The flowers give way to berries which are first a green then a red fruit and become the familiar black spice after it is sun dried for many days The vine continues to bear fruit for up to 20 years. The plants are trained to climb up trees in the hot rain forests of south India where more than 24 varieties of pepper are grown. In the spring the fnuits are yellowish red and ready for harvest The entire spike of berries is plucked and dried whole. Alternatively the berriff are rubbed threshed or trampled off the rootlike spike and dried until black. Long pepper another distinct variety is also grown and dried similarly. White I peppercorns are simply ripe berries which are softened in water divested of their outer skin and dried until biscuit coloured. The main producers of pepper are Malaysia Indonesia Brazil and India

The most commonly used pepper is round black shrivelled and hard. White peppercorns are smooth and creamy while fresh peppercorns look like garlands of plump green berries. The taste of pepper is just spicy hot. The aroma is woody penetrating pungent and aromatic and is good enough to rustle up a healthy appetite. White pepper is sharper and less pungent whereas green pepper is mild and has a flavour that is fresh and aromatic. Long pepper is 23cm long grey and scaly.

Buying and storing
Green peppercorns are sold fresh pickled in vinegar bottled in brine or dried. Dried black peppercorns are used whole powdered or crushed. White peppercorns are available whole or powdered. Schinus molle berries are called pink peppercorns but they come from a completely different plant. Chinese shops sell Szechwan peppercorns which resemble tiny flower buds.
Fresh green peppercorns should be bought plump and juicy. In the black dried variety look for large berries the bigger the better. Ground pepper loses its flavour quickly so powder your own at home. Commercially crushed pepper is not as tasty or as strong. Store dried peppercorns in a clean dry jar and fresh ones in the refrigerator.

Medicinal and other uses
Black pepper is a stimulant digfftive and diuretic. It is believed to relieve flatulence colds amnesia and even impotency. The external application of crushed pepper is often used to counteract muscular pains and toothache. The essential oil of pepper is used in flavouring and perfumery where it imparts spicy oriental notes.

Culinary uses
In India pepper is used in every type of regional cookery. In the north it flavours meat in the south lentils in the east fish and in the west vegetables It is thrown whole into hot oil roasted and ground with coconut and spices and made into paste and applied to meats. It is also used to make herbal tea. Green pepper is usually pickled In view of the preservative qualities of pepper it is used extensively in canning and pickling. Several spice blends like garam masala feature pepper as a key ingredient. Around the world peppercorns are used to flavour sauces meats and marinades.


Pepper is the most widely used spice in Morocco. Freshly ground black pepper lend flavour and excitement to most foods.

We truly hope you will like this American recipe, and enjoy your tasty Pepper info recepie. Check out these great recipe books and learn how to make Pepper info!
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