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Shin of veal with barolo recipe and books

So you would like to know how to make Shin of veal with barolo recipe! It is not hard, follow the steps below and enjoy your own creation. Check our books section as well!

shin of veal with barolo
ossobuco al barolo

4 x 4cm thick slices of shin of veal about 225g each
seasoned plain flour
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 large onion finely chopped
4 sticks celerey finely chopped
1 sprig fresh rosemary
4 tablespoons dry red wineideally Barolo
1 tablespoon vermouth
4 tablespoons beef stock or a bouillon cube
salt and freshly ground pepper

Preheat the oven to 150C/300F/Cas2.
Dust the meat with flour patting off any excess and brown on both sides in hot oil.
Add the onion celery and rosemary to the pan and fry gently for 2 minutes.
Add the red wine and vermouth and cook for 2 minutes to evapourate the alcohol.
Add the beef stock salt and pepper cover and transfer to the oven.
Braise for about 1 hour until tender.
Serve with rice or better still saffron risotto.

Osso means bone buco means hole and this is exactly what this dish is. It is a piece of meat with a bone and a hole. The hole is full of wonderful stuff called marrow which becomes gelatinous when cooked and is very nourishing as well as delicious. This typical Milanese dish is usually served with saffron risotto. It makes an extremely satisfying winter meal.

This Recipe Serves 4


We truly hope you will like this American recipe, and enjoy your tasty Shin of veal with barolo recepie. Check out these great recipe books and learn how to make Shin of veal with barolo!
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