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Veal escalopes with mushroom sauce recipe and books

So you would like to know how to make Veal escalopes with mushroom sauce recipe! It is not hard, follow the steps below and enjoy your own creation. Check our books section as well!

veal escalopes with mushroom sauce

4 veal escalopes (pork
turkey or chicken fillets or
breasts can be substituted)
56g plain flour
salt and pepper
2 egg whites lightly beaten
112g breaderumbs
56g Edam cheese finely grated
4tbsp vegetable oil

56g margarine
1 onion peeled and finely chopped
1 clove garlic crushed
112g buttonmushroomssliced
3 tbsp medium white wine
125ml natural lowfat yoghurt or single cream
parsley finely chopped

1. Remove any visible fat from the meat then beat out the veal until thin.
2. Coat veal in seasoned flour then dip into egg whites.
3. Toss the veal in the cheese and breadcrumbs until it is well coated on both sides.
4. Heat oil in a large frying pan and cook escalopesfor about 5 minutes on each side or until they are crispy and golden brown.
5. In a pan melt margarine and fry onions and garlic until tender.
6. Add mushrooms and saute for 1 minute. Add wine and seasoning and simmer for 1 minute remove from heat and stir in yoghurt.
7. Place escalopes on a dish and pour the sauce down the middle. Garnish with parsley.

N.B. The sauce should not be reheated as it will curdle.


We truly hope you will like this American recipe, and enjoy your tasty Veal escalopes with mushroom sauce recepie. Check out these great recipe books and learn how to make Veal escalopes with mushroom sauce!
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