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Fresh salmon fish cakes recipe and books

So you would like to know how to make Fresh salmon fish cakes recipe! It is not hard, follow the steps below and enjoy your own creation. Check our books section as well!

fresh salmon fish cakes

280 ml milk
1/4 teaspoon mace (optional)
A bouquet garnl
1/2 medium onion
340g potatoes scrubbed
60g butter or margarine
40g flour
2 tablespoons double cream
1 tablespoon chopped parsley1 tablespoon lemon juice
Salt pepper and cayenne to taste
3 tablespoons seasoned flour
1 egg beaten
170g wholemeal breadcrumbs
Oil and butter for frying

Heat the milk with the mace bouquet garni and onion.
Remove from the heat just before it boils cover and leave to infuse.
Boil the potatoes in their skins until tender then drain skin and mash.
Melt the butter.
Stir in the flour followed by the strained milk.
Bring to the boil stirring constantly to make a thick smooth sauce.
Simmer for a few minutes then remove from the heat and stir in the cream and chopped parsley.
Fold the sauce into the mashed potatoes followed by the salmon and lemon juice taking care not to break up the salmon flakes.
Season to taste.
Leave the mixture to cool completely then chill for a few hours or preferably overnight.
Using floured hands shape the mixture into 8 cakes each about 7.5 cm (3 in) in diameter.
Dust with seasoned flour then brush with beaten egg and coat with the crumbs.
Chill until ready to cook.
Fry a few cakes at a time in the hot oil and butter in a frying pan until crisp and golden on both sides.
Serve with a homemade tomato sauce on the side.

Note. for a special meal arrange the fishcakes on a bed of cooked seasoned spinach and serve with parsley sauce.

This Recipe Serves 8 as a starter or 4 as a main course

We truly hope you will like this American recipe, and enjoy your tasty Fresh salmon fish cakes recepie. Check out these great recipe books and learn how to make Fresh salmon fish cakes!
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